A New Context

We are creating a new living principle by which to gauge a new standard.

Our natural gifts and tendencies towards building a strong physical constitution now includes an understanding that we are not just a physical body, but a balance of body, mind/emotion and spirit which must be unlocked by a heightened awareness – a newly educated mind, a new kind of perspective and logic of what creates optimal wellness.
A New Context
This line of discovery is what Pilates Bio Vibration is designed to accomplish for us, our students and for people who may never considered that maintaining optimal health lies within the realm of what lies beyond our physical structure.

We must work from an entirely different viewpoint.

The use of our body will become a thing of a new order. Spirit felt as substance and body as a shadow. It is time to realize, in a vivid and revolutionary sense, that we are not only our body. We create and control our physical experience by being aware of the greater of who we are.

One example of the coaching I offer:

Before we discern what exists beyond physical body, let us take a closer look at the physical structure apart from the basic pelvic/shoulder girdle aspect drawn out in basic Pilates Method. We will aggressively explore cranial-sacral relationship.

  • Relationship of sacrum to occiput
  • Relationship of sacral-illiac joints to cranial suture
  • Relationship of coccyx to temporal bone in the cranium

The one major element is the pump of cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) from sacrum to cranium and then how this elixir hugs the brain. Any blockage, which is common, will affect natural curvatures of the spine, distort natural healthy curves and impinge nerves, muscles and in some cases vital organs. In the absence of removing these ‘sticky’ areas where CSF cannot flow, any exercise to the human form is greatly diminished, if not futile.

A new order of Pilates Exercise