Advanced Pilates Bio Vibration Teacher Training

The Art and Science of the body’s innate intelligence to heal itself creates a vibratory change in and elevates the physical, mental-emotional and spiritual frequencies.

This uniquely extraordinary approach allows for groundbreaking discovery in your ability to discern and communicate revolutionary ideology to your students and teachers.

For the certified Pilates, Yoga or Fitness teacher of any kind wanting to advance your education.

We will delve into the following topics and more:

Applied Kinesiology and Functional Assessment

Reciprocal relationships of sacrum to cranium

  • Sacral movement is the source of life. The bones of the cranium and joints of the sacrum must be mobile.
  • Understanding cerebral spinal fluid – the elixir of life. Where it starts and how it flows.

Utilization of Ideokinesis “the thinking body”

Color, Sound and Aroma Therapies & Accessing Acupressure points

Return to Health – Back to the Basics

  • What Joe and contemporaries understood 80 years ago

The Energetic Component of Movement

  • Everything is a vibration

Positive and Negative Space

  • Physical Form and the space in which it exists

5 Dimensional Movements and Momentum

  • Circular nature of posterior to anterior
  • Transitions & Fluency – The Dance
  • What exists beyond the physical body
  • Igniting the energy body of each physical body. Subtle bodies and Ribbons of Light; energy body that exists as a glove to the physical body; The tube of light that connects us to a deeper intelligence. The movement of chakras in each exercise.

The Mental-emotional Influence on wellbeing through Movement

  • Neurological firing patterns
  • Being connected – Speaking to the unique individual with clarity and understanding how each individual processes information.
  • Understanding People do not know what they want

Pilates-targeted movements to stimulate the lymphatic system, nervous system and brain function

  • Re-growing neurological patterns
  • Underestimation of Breath and Being present


  • Being of Service at all times, under all circumstances
  • Teach to what is in front of you

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