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As we move into the future we now know that physical wellness is not singular. Our approach is practicing The Pilates Method to discover a deeper intelligence – as you organize bones and muscles while elevating the frequency of your own internal and external vibration.

You are able to exercise both physical and mental acuity resulting in elevated vitality.

The Approach

We employ the time-honored method of Joseph Pilates Return to Life – the Art of Contrology and its advancement, to what we have exclusively
created as

Pilates Bio Vibration – Discover a Deeper Intelligence®

We utilize the practice of Ideokinesis, a unique approach to posture and movement, created and developed by pioneer Mabel Elsworth Todd (1880-1956). This highly individualized approach amplifies cellular energies that encourages the practicing student in self-identifying and correcting postural habits, reducing muscular tension, balancing muscle tone and strength while creating new patterns of coordination and aliveness. Todd is known as the founder of what later came to be known as ‘Ideokinesis’, a form of somatic education that first came to prominence in the 1930s amongst dancers and health professionals. Todd’s ideas involved using anatomically based, creative visual imagery and consciously relaxed volition to create refined neuromuscular coordination. Lulu Sweigard, who originally coined the term Ideokinesis, and Barbara Clark furthered Todd’s work.

Todd’s work was originally published in her book ‘The Thinking Body’ (1937), which is now considered by modern dance schools to be a classic study of physiology and the psychology of movement. Her work influenced many somatic awareness professionals of her day, and is often cited along with The Feldenkrais method for its focus on the subtle influence of unconscious intention and attention.

Each session you are newly educated, experience a physical and emotional-mental renovation and afterwards experience peak performance in all areas of your life.

Proper movement must be studied, practiced and ingrained as the body changes over time. As we journey through the demands of life we must attend to our physical, emotional-mental and spiritual health. We must be proactive to maintain, restore and rearrange the effects of our lifestyle choices. We are more than our physical body. We are spiritual beings carrying imprints of the past via our minds into our physical form. Through guided imagery, perception, scientific knowledge and proven response techniques, we can identify exactly what your body needs to discover, practice and master to optimally perform daily tasks and your favorite recreational or professional sport.

As we move into the future we now know that physical wellness is not singular. The whole of we are, in the matter of our human structure, must be nurtured, enhanced and developed.

Joseph Pilates gave us the method.

Methods are designed for practice and discovery.

Movement never lies. It is a barometer telling the state of the soul’s weather. –Martha Graham

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