Functional Assessment

Functional Postural and Movement Assessment is required prior to the progression of your Pilates or Gyrotonic Practice.

We will assess your spinal curvatures, sacral rigidity, muscular compression, muscular over and under stimulation, pelvic and shoulder girdle placements, foot placement, tight/short and overstretched musculature that distorts posture, functional flexibility and strength, joint alignment (hip-knee-ankle) (cervical spine-clavicle-ribcage relationship), gait swing, breathing source and capacity, ability to follow verbal and visual movement cues, source of pain symptoms (if any), and health histories. We will design progressions, session schedule, fees and long range goals and expectations. We notate our findings, then introduce you to our comprehensive offerings and practitioners, while discussing in detail what you can expect from participating in your practice.

Functional Assessment

Simply put, we specialize in determining a series of indicators that point to where proper placement of joints, bones and soft tissue may be overlooked by poor function or improper muscle stabilization. After assessing movement patterns, we can determine the optimal protocol of movement exercises to actively bring your physical structure into superior balance. We also will assess utilizing Applied Kinesiology and the Right Arm Muscle Test Response method to determine exactly what type of functional movement is best suited to your needs.

Whether you study at our studio over a long term basis, the one-time Functional Postural Movement Assessment will help you understand how to customize any exercise program or activity to keep your physical machine humming. After a determined period, we will repeat the assessment and gauge your results.

By utilizing SOMATIC AWARENESS we use breath, sound, movement, and gesture to discover what your body’s innate wisdom already knows.
There is dialogue happening that manifests in our body language and therefore in how we feel and experience life around us.
We are working towards complete alignment of physical, mental-emotional and spiritual (life force) aspects that make up the whole of who you are.

Together we will discover openings and awareness as we follow the movement that needs to unfold in a safe space and with intuitive witness.

We recommend you plan on 60-90 minutes and schedule 3-7 days prior to your Session start dates. Sign up here »

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