Basic Pilates Teacher Training

Combining over 32 years experience in Pilates practice and teaching,

Master Teacher, Kristi Sesso, creates a Pilates Teacher Training and Certification Program applying the original Pilates Method as set forth by The Pilates Studio of NYC while integrating an amalgamate of movement fundamentals born out of centuries of research and development including hands on adjustments and therapeutic applications. Teachers learn the essentials of a balanced Pilates session, the approaches and procedures of dealing with specific ages and limitations and the language used to motivate and effectively communicate to students. All Phases of training enable the practitioner to create a sensitive environment, a specifically designed program to achieve what the students needs and wants in every session, the ability to guide students to experience a deeper understanding of how their bodies work, how to create personal pain management, and embody a greater understanding how corrective exercise is essential to overall wellbeing.

All phases are a comprehensive training – teaching how movements on each apparatus prepares the body for the Pilates Mat Method and how to create the perfect relationship and program with and for your students no matter what age or lifestyle.

The intention is to have each candidate empowered to achieve personal as well as professional goals. If accepted, you will learn the Pilates repertoire, concepts and principles of Joseph Pilates as well as integrated methods that contribute to communicating Pilates Method concepts to the general public. You will develop the eye and ability to recognize proper body mechanics and the ability to exchange this information with your students. You will also understand the rationale underlying the optimum selection of precise movements for each individual student.

Certifications Levels

Phase I

consists of Pilates Matwork Method: Beginner – Intermediate; Movement Fundamentals & Energy Balancing Workshop. 75 hours.

Phase II

consists of Pilates Mat work Method; Beginning- Advanced; Movement Fundamentals; Pilates Reformer Method Beginning – Intermediate. 150 hours

Phase III

consists of Pilates Comprehensive Mat work Method & Beginning – Intermediate Pilates Reformer Method. 200 hours

Phase IV

consists of Comprehensive Pilates Mat, Reformer, and Cadillac/Tower. 350 hours

Phase V

consists of a Comprehensive Pilates Mat, Reformer, Cadillac/Tower, Barrels, Stability Chairs, Ped-o-Pull and Props. 600 hours


Minimum one year of study at Pilates Studio Englewood. Discounted class rates


  • Movement Fundamentals created by Mabel Todd, Irmgard Bartenieff and Rudolf Laban. This foundation of knowledge focuses upon achieving comfort and ease in the body including fluidity, connectivity and improved coordination. By focusing upon basic coordination patterns, a person may increase overall efficiency, coordination and flow of movement.
  • Sequencing and Muscular Firing Patterns
  • Biomechanical Alignment, Applied Anatomy, Postural Analysis
  • Overview of the originating intention of Joseph Pilates
  • In-depth exploration of Vocabulary, Pilates Exercise Movements, The Pilates Method
  • Session Flow, Cueing movement confidently and communicating efficiently
  • Setting an Intention including session Content Choices, Combinations of Exercises, Variations and Modifications
  • Conducting Evaluation Sessions and establishing successful business practices
  • Equipment safety and Rules of Conduct
  • Hands on adjustments and therapeutic applications
  • Observation and demonstration skills
  • Effective language inspiring proper focus, rhythm, coordination, precision, breath and deep core stimulation
  • Fostering student progressions creating students for life
  • Establishing relationship – Mood, Tone, Vocalization, Energetic Condition of Student upon Arrival
  • Written Assignments, Observation Hours