Awareness of Postural Alignment

The principle of the method is simple. It is based on correctly aligning the fascia – the connective tissue in the body – which starts just below the skin. In the 1990s, anatomists discovered that the fascia encases, separates and envelops every part of our physiology – muscles, organs and blood vessels. It’s like a net that holds us together.
The theory is currently supported by many chiropractors, podiatrists and sports scientists.
By placing the body correctly as you exercise, you are effectively shrink-wrapping the muscles within the fascia and working the body from the inside out.
By aligning the body properly, posture is corrected and movement becomes fluid while discomfort –such as back pain – lessens.

The body benefits from correct postural alignment in three ways:
Cosmetically: by targeting the fascia, body shape is streamlined.
Functionally: back, knee, hip and neck discomfort are alleviated as joints are correctly aligned.
Posturally: as movement quality increases, you look more agile, stand taller and look younger.
Energetically: conscious movement creates conscious thinking.

Become conscious of every thought, movement and action.