Body-Mind Performance. Raise your Frequency

It is becoming a realization that “things” are simply abstractions. That is to say, a selective series of notions and imprints of recognition of one thing or another, that we call “that”(thing).

That’s the kind of investigation that we can start to use with all abstractions and in particular the abstraction of the body and the mind.

Let us start with what is the body? Is it the word “body’? Is it what you touch? Is it what you feel? Is it what you think exists inside your skin?

To what we refer as “our body” is a concept.

People have a pretty big attachment to what the body is because they think they know what the body is. People think their bodies are the container of bone, muscle, tissue, blood and organs or what’s more a physical object with assets considered flawed or virtuous.

There is a way we have been trained to identify with our bodies, and it becomes so habitual that we lose touch with deeper realization that the body is energy vibrating at a frequency that either optimal or deficient.

The body is like anything else. Everything is energy…vibration…existing at a particular frequency. Frequency is a measurable rate of electrical energy that is constant between and two points. The healthy human brain vibrates at 72-90 MHz and the healthy human body vibrates at 62-68 MHz

A good question to investigate is what is it that actually lowers the frequency of the human body (or brain)? Obviously what you ingest or inhale alters the vibration – foods, liquids, carbons, cleaning products, perfumes, medicines, etc., etc.

What is often overlooked is thoughts alter the frequency of the vibration of the body. And this can be the number one fact that connects the mind to the body.

Then there is the etheric body.

90% of all physical illnesses are caused by negative energies trapped & embedded within the etheric field. Most common negative contributors are limiting thought patterns, emotional trauma, harmful images & memories.

Physical movement not only raises the body’s frequency, it stimulates the release of endorphins, which elevates our mood, lowers impact of stress and serves us to cope with our life challenge. Programmed crystals entrain the user’s energy field to vibrate at higher frequencies, strengthening one’s vital life force energy & fostering health on all levels.

Bio Vibration Healing creates a vibratory change in the crystalline structure of the body.
It’s simple, it’s fast and it will “change” your body and mind.

It’s a new era for Body-Mind performance.


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