LifeStyle Resources Personal Coaching

LifeStyle Resources Personal Evaluation & Coaching Process

Based on your chronological age, your emotional age and your lifestyle choices and challenges, you learn how to move through critical stages of your personal wellness regime with clarity and positivity.

Every 5-7 years our bodies and minds undergo change and evolution. Understanding how to deal with the ongoing process allows an experience to manage daily stresses, evolve at an accelerated rate and live your life with joy, clarity and freedom to fulfill your life purpose.

Your lifestyle demands plays a significant role in how your body and mind navigate stress levels. Learn to critically balance hormones, discern nurturing activities, harmonize your physical environment, joyfully navigate daily tasks, choose food that fuels energy and exercise optimally for your age and lifestyle.

Kristi has worked with over 5000 people since 1982 to understand and be proactive in physical, emotional-mental and spiritual health.

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