Natural Force Healing®

Spirit Mind Body

One of the key elements of NATURAL FORCE HEALING is a three-pronged model of wellness called the Triune of Wellbeing.

All sides of the triangle need to be aligned if you are to achieve optimal wellness.

If one angle is out of balance or distorted, then all angles distort, creating side effects such as physical pain, disease, depression, fear, stress, lack of faith, among others. Due to factors throughout our lives, layers have been built around a central core. One layer may represent that broken relationship back in 1989, another that auto accident at 19, and don’t forget that lost job position and loss of financial security in years past. We carry around a lot of stuff. The more “layers of the onion” we have around ourselves, the greater the distortion and the farther we are from the core of perfection.

The human body has a remarkable capacity to heal itself if properly assisted, and optimal wellness is a realistic possibility for most of us. The goal is not only to provide correction, but also to support you on your journey to good health and wellbeing. We locate the root of your condition and enable you to bring your body, mind and spirit into balance in order to achieve optimal health.

The idea of treating body and mind together is nothing new.

Many alternative healing techniques have emphasized a total approach to physical and mental-emotional balance. However, few before have addressed the spiritual angle. In other words, you are not just an outer shell of a material body, but rather a spiritual being having a human experience. Dr. M. L. Rees, a renowned pioneer in alternative chiropractic and orthopedic work and mentor of Dr. Ken and Lisa Davis, has shown after 35 years of practice and study that the physical component of an individual’s health-related problem only accounted for 1% of the underlying cause, the mind-emotional component, for 9%, and the spiritual aspect, for 90%. Through its own research and treatment of patients, we have confirmed that distortion in the spiritual angle is often responsible for disease and imbalance in the human family. The triune of wellbeing also affirms that no two people are alike.

There are several facts related to the triune of wellbeing that are important.

Imagine your brain as the central housing repair and maintenance crews, and your nerves as the telephone lines communicating with the various parts of your body. If these lines don’t function properly, your brain can’t receive or send vital information necessary for your body to repair itself and reach optimal health. In this regard, the spinal column has a relationship with the triune of wellbeing which can’t be stressed enough.

Spinal misalignments specifically, interfere with your brain’s ability to transmit information down the spinal cord and through the nerves to every cell of your body. A nervous system free of interferences allows you to recover from any kind of imbalance. The brain is receiving all the information it needs from each of the three angles, it knows when to discharge its repair and maintenance crews, and has the ability to keep the Triune in perfect vibratory harmony, a condition we call optimal health.

Once you begin your progression you will notice a more pro-active attitude towards your health, and as you move forward towards wellbeing, you’ll find more clarity in every aspect of your life…

As Lisa Davis states: “When the triune is in balance and wellbeing is achieved, your awareness expands and your desire to seek your greatest potential intensifies. You transition from being asleep to being awake, and make better choices. As you peel away the layers, you get closer and closer to operating at optimum, finding your unique gifts and sharing them with the world”.

……the rewards are unlimited