What Joseph Pilates meant…

Life is full of basic truths as well as intricate insights. So is Pilates.

Just about everyone has heard of Pilates, and many have experienced one version of it, or another, and will continue to benefit from their offerings.

We have created a new pathway, walking backwards from the original intention and forwards to meet a new consciousness – to a true Pilates Movement practice that builds on the very basics and original intention of Joe Pilates’ original 1945 work.

Pilates Bio Vibration

Pilates is more than exercise, and can have an extraordinarily beneficial impact for anyone on many levels, whether able-bodied or challenged in one way or another.

There is both a science and an art to the exercises first developed by Joe and Clara Pilates. These exercises are much more than movements: They are strategically coordinated with a deep understanding of fundamental biomechanical and physiological realities of the body. For instance, did you know that lack of motion of the sacrum causes dural tension between the cranium and the sacrum, and that with that tension, the spinal cord can shorten up to two inches and curvatures can become distorted? Pilates movements keep the sacrum mobile. And that’s just one example.

Joseph Pilates QuoteA man is as young as his spinal column.
— Joseph Pilates

Why does this matter?

There’s not only greater benefit available, there’s staying power. Have you ever taken a certain kind of exercise class and eventually lost interest? You are not alone. It’s human nature – when we can’t make a real connection, we move on to see if we can do so somewhere else. Our work will facilitate that connection by reaching back to the principles laid out so intelligently over centuries ago.

Building on those fundamentals, expert Kristi Sesso offers an enhanced Pilates system that will endure over time, with continual room for growth and innovation.

Getting closer to the core of this practice can lead to a new consciousness – and with that, new levels of truly elevated wellness.

It is wellness sustainable for life.

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