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Unique to our service is the experience of Power Plate Vibration Therapy and Acceleration Training. Utilizing Power Plate helps increase circulation and oxygenate blood flow, leading to a decrease in toxins in the body, which can cause a reduction in the appearance of cellulite. Recent studies have shown that Acceleration Training offers a 57% improvement in weight loss when compared to conventional exercise and diet alone.

Power Plate

Research has proven using the Power Plate increases bone density and is now recommended by Physicians around the world.

Power Plate® is a powerful wellness solution for all ages, lifestyles and physical abilities. The benefits of Power Plate® whole body vibration aren’t just limited to workouts. Whole Body Vibration can be combined with resistance training.

(TRX and Redcord) for amplified results. Learn more

The Power Plate Effect Amplifies Results

  • The Postmenopausal Effect

    Studies show that adding Power Plate Whole Body Vibration to a resistance-training program (TRX) (ActivCore) can decrease the percentage of body fat, increase bone density and lean muscle mass, improving body composition as a whole.

  • The Circulation and Cardiovascular Effect

    Power Plate intervention improves all factors influencing arterial stiffness. The emerging therapeutic modality of Whole Body Vibration as a passive intervention appears to increase circulation in individuals with healthy microcirculation.

  • The Aging Body

    Whole Body Vibration training in community-dwelling elderly is efficient to improve cardiorespiratory fitness and muscle strength. Vibration Therapy increases knee stability improving balance and stimulates mobilizers and stabilizers of the legs to improve hip mobility.

  • The Beauty Effect

    Whole Body Vibration stimulates collagen production by shaking the derma layer resulting in cellulite reduction and skin elasticity.

  • The Golf Game

    “Power Plate® is a fast and effective strength workout and I like it before a round of golf because it helps me be loose and flexible. Many things come and go in this industry but the Power Plate machine is here to stay. It is a fast and effective way to stay in shape.”
    – Clint Eastwood

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