Essential Oil Workshop



Altering Mental-Emotional and Physical Frequency with Essential Oils

This 2 hour workshop will cover the basics of how energy works and the role of essential oils; how to utilize single and blended oils to create a vibratory change in cells, organs, tissues, glands, and the brain; dosage, and application.

With every workshop purchase, you are gifted an Essential Oil Winter Starter Kit ($40 value), auto-nomination into the Gifting Pool ($125 Value) and at no extra charge, bodywork and massage.

Workshop time is 12-2pm Sunday:
January 14th 2018
February 4th 2018
February 18th 2018

Please indicate the date you would like in your note. Registration must be 5 days prior and minimum of 6 people required. You will receive a full refund if the workshop is postponed.