Everything Is Energy, Energy Is Everything: Pilates BioVibe® – The Next 100 Years E-Book


Continuing what Joseph Pilates started 100 years ago, this text aims to reinforce his teachings about the mind-body connection. Pilates understood that total wellness went beyond the physical form and his method has been embraced by millions around the world. 100 years later we have reached a point where we can take this idea even further. Everything is Energy Energy is Everything is an introductory exploration into how Pilates’ concepts can be coupled with an understanding of energy work to create a whole-body experience in the Pilates studio. This book offers insights to not only Pilates teachers but any serious student of the method, or anyone interested in health and wellness, physical fitness, and energetic balance.

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Everything is Energy
Energy is Everything
Pilates BioVibe – The Next 100 Years
A Tribute to Joseph H. Pilates

E-book (PDF file). 68 Pages.