Young Living – Abundance Essential Oil Blend




This blend was specifically designed to enhance MAGNETIC ENERGY and create the law of attraction through the magnetic field around us, to enhance one’s thoughts through electrical stimulation of the somatides and the cells, and to put out a frequency charge of PROSPERITY and ABUNDANCE. It may attract riches to oneself. It also contains tremendous ANTI-VIRAL and ANTI-FUNGAL properties , which may make it a very powerful support to the IMMUNE SYSTEM, possibly giving one an abundance of health as well.

Oils Contained in this Blend:
Myrrh – is part of the formula the Lord gave Moses (Exodus 30:22-27). A true GIFT. When we open our hearts and minds to receive the gifts, they will be given.
Frankincense – contains sesquiterpenes, which may help oxygenate the PINEAL and PITUITARY GLANDS. It may help promote a positive attitude.
Patchouli – is SEDATING, CALMING, RELAXING, allowing it to reduce ANXIETY. It may have some particular influence on sex, physical energy, and money.
Orange – brings PEACE and HAPPINESS to the mind and body and joy to the heart, which provide emotional support
Clove – may influence healing, improve MEMORY, and create a feeling of protection and courage.
Ginger – is WARMING, UPLIFTING, and EMPOWERING. Emotionally, it may help influence PHYSICAL ENERGY, LOVE, and COURAGE. Because of its calming influence on the digestive system, it may help reduce feelings of nausea and motion sickness.
Spruce – GROUNDS the body, creating the balance and the opening necessary to receive and to give. It may help DILATE the BRONCHIAL TRACT to improve the oxygen exchange. It also helps one release emotional blocks.

Application May be applied to wrists, behind the ears, on the neck and face (those with sensitive skin may want to dilute). DIFFUSE.