Young Living – Believe Essential Oil Blend




This blend is formulated to calm and ground the spirit while stimulating the mind, allowing us to believe in our own limitless potential to create and improve in an atmosphere of peace and awareness. It is GROUNDING and EMPOWERING, helping to promote positive action toward the accomplishment of goals and fulfillment of dreams.

Oils Contained in this Blend:
Idaho Balsam Fir – creates a feeling of grounding, ANCHORING, and empowerment. It can stimulate the mind while allowing the body to relax. Topically, it helps relieve overworked and tired muscles and joints.
Coriander – is BALANCING to the emotions, and may help soothe STRESS and ANXIETY.
Bergamot – may help to relieve ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, STRESS, and TENSION. It is UPLIFTING and refreshing.
Frankincense – contains sesquiterpenes, which may help oxygenate the pineal and pituitary glands. As one of the ingredients for the holy incense, frankincense was used anciently to help enhance one’s communication with the creator. It may help promote a POSITIVE attitude.
Idaho Blue Spruce – may help ground the body, creating the feeling of balance necessary to receive and to give. Helps release EMOTIONAL BLOCKS.
Ylang Ylang (Amazonian) – may help HARMONIZE and BALANCE the mind and emotions. It is PEACEFUL and CALMING, and may help increase ATTENTIVENESS and ALERTNESS.
Geranium – may help ease nervous tension and stress, balance the emotions, lift the SPIRIT, and foster peace, well-being, and HOPE. It may also help lower defenses that prevent individuals from being OPEN and RECEPTIVE to new ideas.

Application: DIFFUSE, or apply 2-4 drops to the FOREHEAD, TEMPLES, and over the HEART. May also be worn as a PERFUME or COLOGNE.