Young Living – Celery Seed Essential Oil




Produced from the steam distillation of dried seeds, Celery Seed was used historically for its calming, relaxing, and uplifting aroma.

It is ANTIOXIDANT, ANTIRHEUMATIC, ANTISEPTIC (urinary), ANTISPASMODIC, ANTITUMORAL, HEPATIC (stimulates drainage), STIMULANT (uterine), and TONIC (neuromuscular).

Possible Uses: This oil may help with ARTHRITIS, BLOATING, BRONCHITIS, CONGESTION (respiratory), CYSTITIS, flatulence, glands (swollen), gout (reduces uric acid), hemorrhoids, INDIGESTION, jaundice, kidney detoxification (after illness), lactation (increases flow of breast milk), liver congestion (after infection), LYMPHATIC drainage, MENSTRUATION (induces), NERVOUS disorders, neuralgia, RHEUMATISM, SCIATICA, sexual problems, skin (puffiness, redness, spots, water-logged), and URINE flow (increases). It may help to balance the ENDOCRINE system to help with glandular problems. It is also a sedative and a tonic for the central nervous system and may help provide more restful sleep.

Application: Apply to VITA FLEX POINTS on the feet and directly on AREA of concern; DIFFUSE.