Young Living – Common Sense Essential Oil Blend




Common Sense™ essential oil is a proprietary blend of Young Living essential oils formulated to enhance rational decision-making abilities leading to increased wellness, purpose, and abundance. It helps individuals stay calm and relaxed, helping to enhance clarity of thought and rational decision making.

Oils Contained in this Blend:
Frankincense – This oil has sedative and antidepressant properties that may help reduce STRESS in individuals.
Ylang Ylang – This oil has calming and sedative properties and may help to RELAX and to reduce ANGER.
Ocotea – This oil has ANTI-INFLAMMATORY properties to help enhance the optimal functioning of the body.
Goldenrod – This oil is relaxing and CALMING and may help relieve NERVOUSNESS.
Rue – is relaxing to the body and mind and can help CALM STRESSED NERVES and promote better SLEEP.
Dorado Azul- This oil may help balance the HORMONAL SYSTEM and modulate BRAIN FUNCTION. It also has ANTI-INFLAMMATORY properties.
Lime – This oil has a STIMULATING and UPLIFTING aroma that can help one overcome feelings of EXHAUSTION and DEPRESSION.

Application: DIFFUSE into the air or place onto a cotton ball or ribbon and attach to an air vent. INHALE directly. Dilute heavily for topical use.