Young Living – Endoflex Essential Oil Blend




EndoFlex™ is a blend of Spearmint, Geranium, and other pure essential oils that helps create a calming and balancing aroma when diffused.

Oils Contained in this Blend:
Spearmint – is an oil that may balance and increase METABOLISM, helping to burn up fats and toxins in the body.
Myrtle – may help regulate THYROID FUNCTION. For hypo-thyroid may increase activity and improve balance.
Nutmeg – has adrenal cortex-like activity which helps support the ADRENAL GLANDS for increased ENERGY.
Roman Chamomile – neutralizes ALLERGIES and helps to cleanse the BLOOD and EXPEL TOXINS from the liver.
German Chamomile – has been found to help open the liver, increase liver function and secretion, and SUPPORT the pancreas.
Geranium – may help with HORMONAL BALANCE, liver and kidney functions and the discharge of TOXINS from the liver that hold us back from having balance. Geranium opens up the LIVER CHAKRA.
Sage – may help improve ESTROGEN and PROGESTERONE-TESTOSTERONE BALANCE. It is believed to contain elements that contribute to the SECRETION of PROGESTERONE-TESTOSTERONE.

Application: May be applied over the THYROID, KIDNEYS, LIVER, PANCREAS, and all GLANDS. It may also work well when applied to VITA FLEX POINTS on the FEET including under the BIG TOE and on the THROAT or ENDOCRINE GLAND LOCATION.