Young Living – Gentle Baby Essential Oil Blend




Gentle Baby™ is a soothing blend of pure essential oils with an aroma that invites a sense of calming for mothers and children.

It may help relieve stress during pregnancy and may even be beneficial during the birthing process. It helps to enhance the youthful appearance of the skin and may be beneficial for men to use on chapped skin and as an aftershave. It may also help with skin elasticity and stretch marks. Every oil in Gentle Baby is for skin regeneration and may help to prevent and retard wrinkles. This blend is gentle enough that it can possibly be used for diaper rash (dilute at least by ½).

Oils Contained in this Blend:
Rosewood – may help improve SKIN ELASTICITY. It is SOOTHING to the skin, APPEASING to the mind, RELAXING to the body, and creates a feeling of PEACE and GENTLENESS.
Geranium – may be HEALING, CALMING, and BALANCING to the skin. It may help balance the sebum, which is the fatty secretion in the sebaceous glands of the skin that keeps the skin supple. It helps open and elevate the mind.
Palmarosa – is valuable for all types of skin problems because it stimulates new cell growth, regulates oil production, MOISTURIZES, and SPEEDS HEALING.
Lavender – is an oil that has traditionally been known to balance the body and to work wherever there is a need. It may help prevent scarring and STRETCH MARKS and promote a general sense of WELL-BEING.
Roman Chamomile – neutralizes allergies and helps in skin regeneration. It may also help reduce IRRITABILITY and minimize NERVOUSNESS in children, especially hyperactive children.
Ylang Ylang – may help balance the male-female energies so one can move closer towards being in spiritual attunement and be able to focus their thoughts, filtering out the ever-present garbage. It brings back feelings of SELF-LOVE, CONFIDENCE, JOY, and PEACE.
Jasmine – is very UPLIFTING to the emotions; it may produce feelings of confidence, energy, euphoria, and OPTIMISM.
Bergamot – is soothing to the endocrine system and to the hormones. It may UPLIFT and CALM the emotions and help relieve anxiety, stress, and tension.
Rose – has a beautiful fragrance and contains the highest frequency of any oil. It may help ENHANCE the frequency of every cell, which could help bring balance and harmony to the body.

Application: Best when applied to the VITA FLEX POINTS on the INNER ANKLES, across the LOWER BACK and ABDOMEN (to reduce cramping and stretch marks), and on the FEET, FACE, and NECK areas. Dilute with vegetable oil for a full-body MASSAGE, or wear as a PERFUME or COLOGNE. It may also be added to BATHWATER.

For babies: When using on a baby, dilute by at least ½. Dilute with vegetable oil for a full body massage. It may also be applied to the feet, abdomen, lower back, face, and neck areas.

For delivery: Massage it on the perineum to help it stretch and possibly help avoid an episiotomy.