Young Living – Jade Lemon Essential Oil




Jade Lemon™ has a unique lemon-lime scent that is pleasing and uplifting. Diffuse for a wonderful, zesty fragrance that is clean and inviting.


Possible Uses: This oil may be used for bathroom/kitchen cleaning, dishes (sanitizing), DISINFECTING, FURNITURE POLISH, gum/grease removal, laundry, RELAXING, water purification, ENERGIZING, remove crayon or permanent marker from walls, and added to water in a spray bottle to PURIFY and FRESHEN the air.

Application: Apply to VITA FLEX POINTS and/or directly on AREA of concern; DIFFUSE.

Other uses:
• Diffuse to uplift and stimulate the mind and body.
• Add 10–15 drops to Young Living lotions and shampoos to energize the spirit.
• Combine with sea salt, V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex, Ylang Ylang, Peppermint, and Lavender to exfoliate the skin.
• Use as a cleanser to remove stickiness or grease from surfaces; remove gum from hair; or remove crayon or permanent marker from walls.
• Mix with Citronella essential oil for a pleasant, citrus-scented outdoor spray.
• Add to dishwashing detergent for a spot-free rinse and to help clean your dishwasher.
• Use 8–10 drops with water in a spray bottle to freshen the air.