Young Living – Longevity Essential Oil Blend




Longevity™ contains a powerful essential oil blend that helps promote youthful-looking skin.

Oils Contained in this Blend:
Thyme (CT Thymol) – has been shown in studies to dramatically boost glutathione levels in the heart, liver, and brain. Because it can also help to prevent the oxidation of fats in the body, it may help to slow the aging process. It is also ANTIFUNGAL and ANTIVIRAL.
Orange – is rich in compounds noted for their STRESS-REDUCING effects, lipid-soluble traits, and ANTIOXIDANT properties that ENHANCE VITAMIN ABSORPTION.
Clove – has one of the highest ORAC (oxygen radical absorbent capacity) scores. It is ANTIBACTERIAL, ANTIFUNGAL, ANTI-INFECTIOUS, ANTIPARASITIC, a strong ANTISEPTIC, ANTIVIRAL, and an IMMUNE STIMULANT; it helps preserve the integrity of fatty acids. Clove may also influence HEALING and help improve MEMORY.
Frankincense – has powerful ANTITUMORAL and ANTI-INFLAMMATORY properties. It has been used in several clinical applications for fighting cancer. Frankincense also contains sesquiterpenes, which may help oxygenate the pineal and pituitary glands.

Application: Can be taken as a dietary supplement by diluting one drop in 4 oz of liquid (i.e. soy/rice milk); DIFFUSE.