Young Living – Motivation Essential Oil Blend




The powerful scent of Motivation™ may promote feelings of action and accomplishment when diffused. The single oils combined in this blend can help people overcome fear and procrastination and take action in their lives.

Oils Contained in this Blend:
Roman Chamomile – was used by the ancient Romans to empower them to go into battle. It was also to give them a CLEAR MIND. This oil is SOOTHING, RELAXING, CALMING, and may help REMOVE FEARS.
Spruce – GROUNDS the BODY, creating the balancing and opening necessary to receive and to give. This is EMPOWERING, ANCHORING, and ENCOURAGING.
Ylang Ylang – may help BALANCE the male-female energies so one can move closer towards being in SPIRITUAL ATTUNEMENT and be able to focus their thoughts, filtering out the ever-present garbage. It brings back feelings of SELF-LOVE, CONFIDENCE, JOY, and PEACE.
Lavender – is an oil that has traditionally been known to BALANCE the body and to work wherever there is a need. It may help promote consciousness, health, love, peace, and a general sense of well-being.

Application: Wear on the CHEST or on the NAPE of the NECK to stimulate the mind to want to take action. Place on SOLAR PLEXUS, STERNUM (key area), FEET (especially the BIG TOE), NAVEL area, EARS (on and behind), WRIST, PALM of HANDS, and UNDER NOSE (sniff). Wear as PERFUME or COLOGNE.