Young Living – Mountain Savory Essential Oil




Mountain Savory has been used historically in topical applications on the body.

It is ANTIBACTERIAL, ANTIFUNGAL, strong ANTI-INFECTIOUS (genito-urinary and gastrointestinal – superior to thyme, rosemary, and lavender), ANTIPARASITIC, ANTIVIRAL, IMMUNE-STIMULANT, and a general TONIC for the body.

Historical Uses: This oil has been used as a digestive remedy for colic and diarrhea.

Possible Uses: ANTIBACTERIAL, CANDIDA, hasten formation of SCAR TISSUE, helps with ABSCESSES, BURNS, and CUTS. It is also known to stimulate the ADRENAL GLAND.

Application: Apply diluted to VITA FLEX POINTS and on AREA of concern; DIFFUSE.