Young Living – Pine Essential Oil




Pine essential oil has a refreshing and empowering aroma. When diffused it has a calming scent. It is ANTI-BACTERIAL, ANTIMICROBIAL, ANTI-NEURALGIC, ANTISEPTIC (pulmonary, urinary, hepatic), ANTI-VIRAL, EXPECTORANT, and STIMULANT (adrenal cortex, circulatory, nervous).

Folklore: In some cultures, pine branches were placed upon coffins to signify immortality.

Historical Uses: Pine was used by the American Indians to prevent scurvy. They also stuffed mattresses with pine to repel lice and fleas. It was used to treat pneumonia and lung infections and was even added to baths to revitalize people suffering from mental or emotional fatigue and nervous exhaustion.

Possible Uses: This oi may help dilate and open the RESPIRATORY SYSTEM, particulary the bronchial tract. It may also help with COLDS, COUGHS, CUTS, CYSTITIS, FATIGUE, FEET (excessive sweating), FLU, GOUT, LICE, NERVOUS EXHAUSTION, SCABIES, SKIN PARASITES, SORES, STRESS, and URINARY INFECTION. Pine oil may also help BLOOD PRESSURE and stimulate the ADRENAL GLANDS and the CIRCULATORY SYSTEM. Pine makes a good addition in any first aid kit.

Aromatic Influence: It helps soothe mental stress, relieve anxiety, freshen and deodorize a room, and revitalize the entire body.

Application: Apply to VITA FLEX POINTS and/or directly on area of concern. DIFFUSE. Pine is an excellent tonic when added to water and sprinkled on hot rocks in the SAUNA.