Young Living – Vetiver Essential Oil




Vetiver has an earthy and grounding aroma. Diffuse this unique essential oil for a calming and relaxing fragrance throughout the home.

It is ANTISEPTIC, ANTISAPSMODIC, CALMING, GROUNDING, IMMUNE-STIMULANT, RUBEFACIENT (locally warming), SEDATIVE (nervous system), STIMULANT (circulatory, production of red corpuscles).

Folklore: Known in India as “oil of tranquility”, vetiver is distilled from the root of a scented grass native to India that is botanically related to citronella and lemongrass.

Historical Uses: The distillation of vetiver is a painstaking, labor-intensive activity. The roots and rootlets of vetiver have been used in India as a perfume since antiquity.

Possible Uses: Vetiver may help acne, anorexia, anxiety, arthritis, cuts, depression (including postpartum), insomnia, muscular rheumatism, nervousness, skin care (oily, aging, tired, irritated), sprains, stress, and tuberculosis. It may also be effective at repelling termites.

Application: Apply to VITA FLEX POINTS and/or directly on AREA of concern; DIFFUSE. Also excellent in BATHS and MASSAGE blends. A very small amount of vetiver oil is all that is needed for most applications.