Quantum Restoration with Pilates BioVibe®

True Healing begins with understanding the Source of Power
~ Kristi Sesso, 1998

By understanding, I imply intuition and knowingness vs. scientific- fact- gathering. Today thousands of healers from ancient medicine men and women to western doctors embrace “master your mind or be a product of your mind”

A New Era is Here

Do not ignore vibration.

Discover a deeper intelligence.

Thoughts create a vibration and frequency, which, in turn, creates a vibration that creates

either  physical breakdown or physical freedom.

Address every aspect of being including our physical structure and not limited to a sole physical awareness.


The design of the triune of well-being is physical, mental and heart (spiritual).

Well-being begins with one’s mental state in coherence and alignment with what is real and what is not real. Living well is deep-seated alignment of the heart-mental-emotional self, resulting in an ability to command one’s physical form to exist in ultimate coherence– which includes but is not limited to a fabulous physicality and emotional intelligence.

The difference between the Traditional Pilates Method of Conditioning vs Pilates BioVibe® can be discovered by making the distinction between modern-day Postural Yoga and any of the 9 ancient, time-honored forms of Yoga, the intention and practice of which to cultivate self -realization (the interconnectedness of all of life).

We work the physical body as well as the emotional body and heart center.

Energetic vibration is optimally channeled affecting the whole universe of the physical realm which is commanded by the mental-emotional realm. At advanced levels we activate the psychic centers (chakras – energy centers) and therefore activate innate intelligence.

We abandon the conscious and activate the unconscious enabling a discovery to work internally vs externally.

The practice of Pilates BioVibe® is to experience and investigate beyond sole physicality

– much like the intention of the 5000-year-old practice of real Yoga. The difference is we are executing Pilates fundamentals and traditional Pilates regime vs. yoga poses.

It was necessary for the common man to adopt Yoga in the western world. And the yoga adopted in the western world is not Yoga in its true form.

Pilates BioVibe® is designed to bring The Art and Science of Contrology (Pilates), known only as it has been created to date,  from the exoteric (external) world to the esoteric (internal) world.

We are multi-faceted. Every facet must be discovered for healing. The physical body is our vehicle, and we are not our physical body.