The Architect

Every person has a unique blueprint. Your name and your birthdate carry a vibration, a tone (sound) and a specific purpose. Each and every one person has a purpose. The purpose, while may be expressed in an infinite number of variations, is the same purpose.

Our soul purpose is to be conscious- awake, and to participate in the consciousness of our home – the earth and the vibration of the people living here on earth – specifically in your own environment. In a narrower view our purpose is to accomplish wellness on a physical, mental-emotional and spiritual level. Joy and Aliveness.

This is the principle idea that began the investigation of conscious movement. This is what Joseph Pilates set forth in the healing of the human form, immune system and organ function, which, in turn, can now lead to conscious thinking and therefore conscious healthcare. Our thoughts have not only an imprint on the health of the human body, but on all of life, and our environment at all times.

You are your own architect of your wellness and the wellness of your environment. Joe Pilates knew this well in his investigation of the correlation of the physical body to the building of structures around the world

photo of Leonardo Di vinci’s prototype before Filippo Brunelleschi created the first famous structural dome


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