The Elixir

Many of us have heard “life begins in the sacrum”. This is accurate in that the sacrum is the pump that moves cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) up the dural port surrounding the spine to the base of the cranium and finally hugging the brain. Without this proper movement, our spines develop improper curvature, our immune system does not optimally function and we have limited ability to create – using a very small percentage of our brain capacity.

This is why Joe began the development of his Method “(Contrology)” with rolling through the spine (“rolling like a ball” and “roll up”) This rolling action from sacrum to cranium saved many lives in the pandemic of 1918 – The Spanish Flu – that took more lives than any other circumstance to date.

Pilates’ intention was much more than exercise.

Today we are familiar with the chakras – the energy centers of the physical system. It is important to understand that the sacral and solar plexus energy charger plates must be awakened in order to properly supply the physical body with its natural systematic revitalizing organization.

When performing the core stabilizing exercises of the Pilates Method the chakras awaken and execute their proper function.