Your physical and mental conscience have talents, expectations, patterns and a language all their own.

Our Pilates Ideokinesis and Bio Vibration is a superior Pilates regime delivered in our uniquely extraordinary private sessions.

The Experience

Pilates Bio Vibration- Discover a Deeper Intelligence©

Our gifted Practitioners have an outstanding ability, intellect, instinct and virtuosity such that in every session, no matter how long you have been practicing, you discover a heightened understanding, revival and expansion of physical, emotional-mental and spiritual health through our exclusive Pilates Bio Vibration- Discover a Deeper Intelligence©.

We have mastered drawing together core integration methods and healing systems under one roof, led by a well-practiced and educated staff. We have adeptly merged fine performing arts, physiotherapy, wellness education and healing arts to create a unique fusion of services and distinctive approach to delivering a full body renovation.

Pain Management

A created fundamental principal that true healing comes from understanding the source of power. This understanding enables pain amelioration and management for necks, mid to lower spines, shoulder and knee joints, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, scoliosis, cranial distortion, nerve impingement, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, neurological disease as well as fostering focused postural maintenance.

Private Instruction

Following your initial Functional Assessment Session to begin your progressively designed practice, Private Instruction is available in 55 minutes sessions. Some use these sessions as restorative or core specific. Many have a standing appointment to rejuvenate physical-emotional-mental awareness 2-3 times each week. Upon the beginning of mastery, Semi-Private Sessions are available.

The Master Practitioners…