…a new approach to achieving and maintaining optimal health


is a body of work founded and developed from a combined seventy five years of research by Dr. Kenneth Y. and Lisa V. Davis of DAVIS ADVANCED HEALTH SYSTEM, Montclair, New Jersey.
Natural Force Healing


challenges the conventional model of healing prevalent in our society. By any current standard of healing, NATURAL FORCE HEALING® is considered a revolutionary system of restoring health and wellbeing. It is a unique energetic and vibrational therapy, not based on any other technique, ancient or modern. It is a process for waking up and becoming aware through a transformation of consciousness, by bringing balance to the physical, mental-emotional and spiritual aspects of the whole person…

creating profound change.

The work creates a vibratory change in the body, mind and spiritual angles of what is referred to as the Triune Model of Wellbeing. The Practitioner uses conceptual concentration, the body’s own crystalline structure and innate ability of the body to heal itself by peeling away distortion that is accumulated over a lifetime.
This healing is specific and distinctive and cannot be found in any other therapy, ancient or modern.

We are able to

  • Identify layers of distortion – whether chemical, emotional, physical or combination of all
  • How to apply vibrations, energies and frequencies to the layers of distortion
  • Identify the five fiery elements?of breakdown and disease
  • Restore the blueprint of perfection inherent in every human being

Mostly, we are accustomed to living with some kind of low-level pain every day, we don’t know or remember what optimal wellness really is. Optimal wellness means being fully charged, so that you can realize your potential as a human being and live in the present moment.

Natural Force Healing