How Does It Work

The Strength and Power Effect
Force = Mass x Acceleration

Sir Isaac Newton would have loved Power Plate. Newton’s second law explains how Acceleration Training works. We create force by accelerating your body (aka mass). So instead of adding weights, we simply move you to create forces up to an equivalent of six G’s.

Whole Body Vibration triggers more muscle fibers to engage during every exercise.

At 30hz your muscles are contracting and relaxing approximately 900 times in just 30 seconds!.

How much more do you need?

Your Body, Your Time!

Vibe Slot is our contemporary workout zone where you can tone up, reduce the appearance of cellulite and get energized in less time than you would believe possible.

A workout on the Power Plate is a completely revolutionary gym experience. Your do-it-yourself session is fast, friendly and in just 30-minutes your workout is complete, leaving you feeling stronger, firmer and stress-fee. 5 key benefits are:

  • Fast Track Muscle Toning,
  • Reduction in appearance of Cellulite,
  • Reduction of Body Fat,
  • Enhanced Vitality and Energy and
  • Detoxification that Improves Skin Tone
Vibe SlotVibe SlotVibe Slot

Whatever your age and body type, the Power Plate experience is Fast, Fun and Invigorating!

One introductory 5 pack of sessions with a teacher ($450) is required. After that, come as many times a week as you want for only $25 per use.