Discover a Deeper Intelligence®

The Harmony Group StudiosEvery person has a unique blueprint. We practice an unprecedented approach.

As the originator of Pilates in New Jersey we discern fluctuating individual needs to create an immediate experience – leaving you with clarity and initiation to fulfill daily tasks, recreational and professional peak performance.
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A Premier Pilates Experience

On the leading edge since 1998, Pilates BioVibration of Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, has remained inspired to fulfill a palpable yet unobservable need that is presently at the beginning of discovery in the education of total care and maintenance of physical, emotional-mental and spiritual health. Amplified by the genius of our distinctive energetic vibrational healing – strength, balance, grace and wisdom of intelligent exercise creates optimal overall wellness.
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Pilates Bio Vibration

The Art and Science of the body's innate intelligence to heal itself. Strategically coordinated performance with a deep understanding of fundamental biomechanics and physiological realities that not only results in great benefit but has staying power for people of all ages, limitations and lifestyles. Learn more


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