Young Living – Jasmine Essential Oil




Jasmine essential oil (Jasminium officinale) has a rich, sultry aroma that makes this oil feel alluring and romantic. It’s extracted from the flowering jasmine plant—part of the olive family—through absolute extraction.

To maximize the fragrance of Jasmine oil, the flower must be picked at night before sunrise, adding to the oil’s mystique and allure. Additionally, this precious oil requires more than 10 pounds of flowers to make one 5-ml bottle.

In addition to its romantic and exotic qualities, Jasmine essential oil uses include support for healthy-looking skin. Add it to your favorite lotions or skin treatments to enhance your natural glow and support the appearance of healthy, youthful-looking skin.

**Jasmine is an absolute or essence, rather than an essential oil.


Historical Uses: Known in India as the “queen of the night” and “moonlight of the grove”, women have treasured jasmine for centuries for its beautiful, aphrodisiac-like fragrance. Jasmine has been used for hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver, dysentery, depression, nervousness, coughs, respiratory congestion, reproductive problems, and to stimulate uterine contractions in pregnant women as childbirth approached. It was also used in teas, perfumes, and incense.

Possible Uses: This oil may help with CATARRH (mucus), CONJUNCTIVITIS, COUGHS, dysentery, ECZEMA (when caused by emotions), frigidity, hepatitis (cirrhosis of the liver), hoarseness, labor pains, LARYNGITIS, lethargy (abnormal drowsiness), menstrual pain and problems, muscle spasms, nervous exhaustion and tension, PAIN RELIEF, respiratory conditions, SKIN CARE (dry, greasy, irritated, and sensitive), sprains, and uterine disorders. Jasmine is an oil that affects the EMOTIONS; it produces feelings of confidence, ENERGY, EUPHORIA, and OPTIMISM. It helps to reduce ANXIETY, APATHY, DEPRESSION, DILEMMAS that deal with relationships, indifference, and listlessness. When worn as a cologne, it increases feelings of attractiveness.

Application: Apply to VITA FLEX POINTS and/or directly on AREA of concern; DIFFUSE.

Other possible uses:
• Apply 2–4 drops directly to the skin or add a few drops to a neutral lotion and massage onto skin.
• Rub a few drops onto wrists or the nape of the neck for an empowering, confidence-boosting personal fragrance.
• Diffuse the relaxing aroma in the evening to unwind after a long day.
• Add a few drops during your conditioner application or include it in a DIY hair mask to nourish your hair and scalp and create healthy-looking hair.
• Include 5–10 drops in your evening bath for a calming, spa-like experience.